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Project Management Services from BOIC LTD (Consultancy) - Building Surveyors
We offer a full and comprehensive project management service for construction projects, which extends from inception to completion of the works.

Our project management services can be tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and whether co-ordinating consultants or contractors, we can provide a comprehensive, professional service.


One of the best ways to protect the interests of all parties so as to avoid disputed at a later date is to use a recognised standard form of building contract.

Standard forms of contract, such as the JCT Intermediate or Minor Works Agreement, will allow full financial control over a project, ensuring that the client pays only for works completed, to the correct specification and that payment terms are satisfied. In addition, regular inspection and monitoring of progression of building works is undertaken to ensure that clients’ requirements are fully satisfied.

We are familiar with most commonly used standard forms of building contract and have wide experience in administering contracts for both private and public sector clients.


We can monitor and certify residential property under construction where there is no NHBC registered builder employed or it is self-build. For new dwellings such certification will be in accordance with the RICS Certification of Domestic Structures procedure.


We can offer professional advice on works procurement strategy and the tendering process. We can also prepare your contract documents for tender, which would commonly include Contract Preliminaries, detailed drawings and/or workmanship and materials specifications. Drawings and specifications are sent to a group of contractors (selected in consultation with yourself) to offer competitive quotations. We report results to you with a recommendation.


Using commercial pricing data, we can prepare rough orders of cost for most building projects and works. Advising in advance the likely costs for a project prior to tendering.

Most forms of commercial property leases contain expressed covenants, which impose obligations on both the landlord and tenant to repair and maintain the property. We can provide professional advice in respect of these obligations and act on behalf of a party to a lease to try and enforce such obligations and resolve any disputes arising.

Many construction projects fall within the scope of the CDM regulations. The regulations define and impose specific obligations and responsibilities for managing health & safety on various parties to a construction project, including the Planning Supervisor. We can advise on the implications of the CDM Regulations, both on clients and contractors and also undertake the role of Planning Supervisor.

The Act provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls & structures, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. We can provide advice on the various rights and obligations imposed on owners by the Act and prepare and serve the relevant notices in accordance with the act on your behalf and prepare appropriate awards.

We can offer advice on the causes and possible remedy of specific building defects and problems. As well as undertaking defects investigation and analysis, we can arrange for defects monitoring, testing and if necessary, the specification and supervision of subsequent remedial work.

Building Surveyors have the knowledge and experience to understand how your buildings are put together, how they work, why they sometimes don’t, and what to do about it. We will investigate your building defects, diagnose the cause(s) and help you put them right if possible.

Some problems (e.g. storm damage, burst pipes, subsidence) may be covered by your insurance policy. We can help and advise with your insurance claim.

Having regular minor repairs prevents any nasty and costly surprises caused by short-term neglect. For example, repairing slipped roof tiles prevents any later headaches from sorting out roof leakages. Ask us about any concerns or worries you have about your property.

Most building owners see maintenance as a necessary evil, so things get put off and problems grow more expensive. We will inspect your building with you, point out your maintenance issues, and help you put them in order of priority, draw up an annual programme and help you to implement it.

Legal disputes involving property and land can take many different forms. For example; two neighbours may have disagreement on the precise position of their boundary, a builder and his client may disagree whether building work has been done correctly to the expected standard and should be paid for, or somebody may have been injured in a dangerous building.

We believe that a client's legal rights, remedies and tactics are best dealt with by a solicitor, but the building related aspects of a case require the specialised experienced knowledge of a chartered building surveyor.

We will visit the premises, and take photographs and accurate dimensions of existing buildings, fences, hedges and other boundary markers, and prepare a record drawing as existing for comparison with original deeds, Ordnance Survey data and other evidence of the true boundary line.

Acting for either the builder or customer, we will examine all contract documents, specifications and drawings, and compare them with a detailed survey of the building as actually constructed. Exploratory investigation by opening-up and laboratory testing may be arranged subject to permission of the building owner.

We will make a thorough investigation of the accident scene, by investigating by opening-up and arranging for laboratory testing if instructed. Our report will give a detailed evaluation of relevant aspects of the building in relation to current legislation and good practice and, as far as possible, the legislation and practice in force at the time the building was constructed.

Professional Services

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