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BOIC LTD (Consultancy) - Building Surveyors & Associated Chartered Building Surveyors
Buying a property is probably the largest financial investment you are likely to make. A professional survey, carried out by a Chartered Building Surveyor will help you reach an informed decision about the overall condition of a property.

It is important to recognise that a Mortgage Valuation Report is usually prepared on behalf of the mortgage lender and as such, serves to establish only the value and type of the property.

We can offer 2 main types of pre-acquisition survey:

This is produced to a standard format and is designed specifically for particular types of residential property, which are both conventional in type and construction and which appear to be in reasonable condition. It focuses on urgent or significant problems, which are likely to affect the value of the property. This form of survey also includes a professional opinion as to the present market value of the property.

This form of survey is suitable for all types of property and provides a much more detailed assessment of both construction and condition.

A Building Survey Report will include extensive technical information relating to a property and will consider those defects and problems which are likely to affect both market value and the future maintenance of the property.
A building survey report would not normally include a valuation, unless agreed otherwise.
Note: Our survey reports and inspections carry out Rule of Engagements



Our Building Surveyors and Charter Building Surveyors can provide you with Structural Survey report including recommendations how to rectify defects finding from the follow up of the report

For newly build or extensions or additions to your building which require experience and delicates comprehensive Service for the building proposes. Our Structural Surveyors can provide you with full planning and consultancy.    

Acting for either landlord or tenant, we can provide professional advice and prepare and, if appropriate, contest interim or terminal schedules of dilapidations. A Schedule of Dilapidations enforces the repairs clauses. We can act for either the landlord or tenant in negotiations.

If you take on a commercial lease, you are responsible for repairs. A Building Survey will tell you what you are taking on. A Schedule of Condition may save you from taking on more than you need to We can prepare detailed schedules of condition to record the condition of a property prior to works commencing or occupation under a lease.

Condition surveys can be used to establish both current and future maintenance liabilities for a building and using this information; we can advise and assist in the preparation and administration of planned maintenance programmes.

We are able to undertake fully detailed measured and level surveys of both buildings and sites and present record information in either digital or paper formats.

Single Issue Surveys may be required in the following circumstances:

  • Following unfavourable comment in a Building Survey, Homebuyers Survey, or Mortgage Valuation carried out by others on a property.
  • Following a recommendation for further investigation made in such a report as a detailed investigation was not undertaken.
  • Preliminary to specifying maintenance or remedial work as a remedy of a known building defect.

We undertake all type of energy survey for private and commercial building, from single to bulk and portfolio, we give advice and we can undertake the whole work all in one service to bring the building to energy acceptable standard.

This service provide you with all in one Surveying and Property Managements including repairs We can take a contract to look after your building and have regular Building Survey and checking electricity, Gas services, Plumbing etc.
Remedying all defect work carried out following our maintenance survey report associated with estimated cost for land lord. We will leave your building or buildings in Healthy & Safer conditions.

Design Services from BOIC LTD (Consultancy) - Building Surveyors

Whenever you wish to substantially alter, adapt or extend your property, you will probably need to take obtain planning or building controls approval.

We can offer pre application advice and assist you in preparing your outline proposals and submission.

For full planning applications, buildings within a conservation area and for listed building consent we can act as your agent by preparing detailed plans and elevations and submit your application to the local authority on your behalf.

The Building Regulations establish minimum standards required for a wide range of building work, including most new build work, extensions, alterations and loft conversions.

If you are considering carrying out controlled work, we are able to offer initial advice on the likely implications of the Building Regulations and prepare detailed drawings to accompany your application for Building Regulations approval.

We can prepare drawings for Fire Precautions purposes and in addition, provide an inspection & monitoring service for any work that is carried out. We can also undertake any fire risk assessments that may be required.

We discuss your requirements and budget, take basic measurements and produce sketches (freehand or small scale) with alternative designs for your selection.


We offer a full design service for building projects, including new build works, extensions, alterations and refurbishment projects. In addition to preparing full design drawings, we can provide materials and workmanship specifications, to help ensure works comply with current legislation and British Standards etc.

In order to obtain competitive tenders for building works, it is important to ensure that the information used for tendering is both comprehensive and accurate. We can prepare your contract documents and include contract preliminaries, detailed drawings and specifications.

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