Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are usually made due to Fire, flood or storm damage to a property and can be a major setback, but need not be a disaster if you have your insurance company and BOIC Ltd working for you.

Fire damage covers more than simply the parts of the property, which got burnt, damaged or destroyed. Damage due to heat, smoke and extinguishment water occurs much further than the flames themselves reached within a property.
A complete fire damage reinstatement scheme must address all of these points, as well as mechanical damage, loss of support, and damage to all other services.

Town Planning policies, Building Regulations and standards have changed since the property was first constructed. Insurance policies usually include for changes in specification to bring the repairs up to current regulations.

Not as traumatic as a fire but, if it's your property that's damaged the basic service is the same as for fire damage, but we are alert to the special needs of each case. Talk to us about dehumidifiers and drying out of water damage.

Subsidence damage presents a different set of problems from other insurance claims. It is much slower acting than other insurable problems, but still needs to be dealt with efficiently.

Professional Services

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